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Wiz of a school show

Thank you to The Northern Daily Leader for this article, which appeared in the Leader on Saturday, 25 August.

By Carolyn Millet, the Northern Daily Leader

If ever a wiz of a school there was, Nemingha Public is one because of the wonderful cast, crew and supporters in the school's latest musical, principal Chris Jackson has said.

The school has just finished staging its production of The Wizard of Oz this week, after two matinee and two evening performances.

And with almost all of the 220 students involved, including 90 on stage, everyone showed brains, heart and courage in taking their audiences down the yellow brick road.

Mr Jackson said the whole school community had been "really supportive" – teachers, staff, parents and carers attending rehearsals, sourcing props, making sets, sewing costumes, doing hair and makeup, running backstage, even making the curtains.

And the children had been "just a delight".

"They've been a lovely cohesive team; really supportive of one another," he said.

The Leader talked to a few show goers after the final matinee session; Hugh Gentle said it had been "a fabulous performance".

"The amount of effort those kids have gone to – along with the people who've done the costumes, the backstage crew … everyone's done a great job of putting the performance together."

Show must go on

And the show wasn't without hiccups. Riley Gentle had to step into the role of the wizard when the original actor, Patrick Bracken, became sick.

Handed the script an hour before curtain, he then used palm cards to help him with his lines on stage; "I think I went alright," he said.

Ruby Olrich, who played Dorothy, said being in the show had been "pretty fun".

"Mr Jackson was actually really generous to help us do this, because without him we wouldn't have had the production at all."

Chloe Moss played Glinda the Good Witch of the North and said the highlight had been "being able to work with the Kindergarteners and getting out of class time".

Photos of the show and the performances are available to purchase - please enquire at the school office.

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