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01 Dec 2022

Newsletter Term 4 Week 8 Nemingha students travelled on a bus to Sydney lastweek to participate in the Schools Spectacular. Schools Spectacular is a professional production and is a wonderful opportunity for NSW public school students, including those in regional areas. We had been rehearsing at home and at school, leading up to the event, preparin

Back issues - 2022

24 Nov 2022

Last week it was performance week, with our nightly recitals for the inaugural MADD showcase. It was wonderful to see all the smiling faces from students, staff and community members, as every child had the opportunity to demonstrate their music, art, drama and dance skills to the audience.

10 Nov 2022

Last week our Stage 2 students were given the opportunity to attend an excursion to Boundary Rock,a sacred site near Moore Creek, followed by a walk around the Botanical Gardens. Before entering the area, Len Waters conducted a smoking ceremony, a cultural practice which involves burning native plants to produce smoke. The smoke is believed to have

08 Nov 2022

Last Thursday, the year 6 students travelled to the TRECC to watch the Stand Tall event. We listened to many inspirational speakers. Anna Cocquel, Michael Crosslands ,Bella Taylor Smith,Timomatic, Glen Gerreyn, Nicola Mcdermott and Tony Hoang.

27 Oct 2022

Dazzling Dancers After two postponements due to the pandemic, last week the New England Regional Dance Festival was finally held at TRECC. Our school had three groups perform. The students’ behaviour was exceptional and we were extremely proud of their efforts.